My name is Gaoli Moua.

As an aspiring writer and professional, I studied journalism at the University of Georgia, the flagship university of the state of Georgia. I am currently looking for a position and opportunity in which I can continue to hone my skills, make a positive impact and grow personally and professionally.

I’ve been published with several publications, including the University of Georgia’s InfUSion Magazine, HmongEmpire.com and The Athens Food and Culture Magazine.

Aside from all things journalism and new media, I enjoy arts and crafts, making short home videos, reading, beauty, fashion and trying new foods. I’m good at remembering bits of trivia that no one cares about, I’m eager to learn new things (even when I can’t easily apply them to my life) and love being around people who have a passion for anything and everything.

Read a summary of my resume here, or e-mail me at gaolimoua.com for a copy/inquiries.

10 fun facts about me

  1. I enjoy discovering hidden gems and learning about new things.
  2. I love trying ethnic foods.
  3. My favorite color is red but I wear mostly blue hues.
  4. I enjoy men’s (fashion/lifestyle) magazines.
  5. I have four sisters.
  6. My personal computer is a MacBook.
  7. I did my third grade project on the history of writing.
  8. I have mostly fond memories of my childhood growing up in St. Paul, Minn.
  9. I enjoy outings to scenic parks.
  10. I am an animal lover.

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