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  1. Hi Gaoli,

    My name is TK from MN. I am new in town in ATL. I am here for a business trip. I’ll be here for a month. I am jus wondering if you know where I can meet some Hmong people, hang out, clubbing etc. It would be grateful for your help. Thanks.


    1. Hi TK,
      I am not a party-goer of any sort and I am not in the know of where Hmong people like to hang out these days, however, I can direct you to some people who would be willing to let you know about and take you into the Atlanta scene. Since you will probably be here around Halloween, there should be a few events you can attend to meet Hmong. often throw events and one person who is in the know is Milk Yang (John Yang) or The Hmong community members in Georgia live around Barrow, Jackson, and Monroe counties, which is about an hour away from Downtown Atlanta, but the weekends I’ve seen that they hop on over to the popular nightclub called Reign. I hope I was able to help some. Let me know how it goes.

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