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March 2 – “Accidental rapper Gimmemoua takes a gamble.” Nubqub.com
March 15 – “Children’s book,’Koj Yuav Kawm Ua Dab Tsi,’ asks an essential question.” Nubqub.com
Aug. 8 – “Movie Review: Poj Niam Siab Zoo thiab Kwv Tij Thiaj Sib Hlub.” Nubqub.com
Aug. 13 – “Movie Review: Vimtsis Txawj Hlub.” Nubqub.com
Aug. 13 – “Movie Review: Miss Hmong: Tus Kuv Hlub.” Nubqub.com

Feb. 1 – “Duce Khan’s positive messages win audiences.” HmongEmpire.com
Feb. 10 – “Happy animals, happy farm.” Athens Food and Culture Magazine. 12-13.
Feb. 20 – “Culture Spotlight: Asian dating traditions alive in Western societies.” The Jade Times
March 5 – “Movie review: ‘Ceev Faj’ it might not be real.” HmongEmpire.com
Marcb 15 – “How to catch the Running Bug.” Athens Food and Culture Magazine. 34-35.
May 18 – “Pagnia Xiong at a glance.” HmongEmpire.com
Aug. 16 – “Instant noodles, instant satisfaction.” Macon Magazine. 50-51.
Oct. 18 – “Music Review: ‘Fly High’ by TheLoSWing.” Hmongmusicstream.com
Oct. 18 – “Music Review: ‘SWEAR2GOD’ by Teng.” Hmongmusicstream.com

Feb. 24 – “Those Fowl Chickens.” (Class project: documentary, website) http://thosefowlchickens.wordpress.com/
Apr. 29 – “Letter and card writing.” The Jade Times
May 31 – “Wei reflects on benefits, experiences being on National Board.” The Jade Times 
Jul. 2 – “GSU sisters continue the legacy.” The Jade Times
Jul. 2 – “Alpha chapter sisters win with creativity.” The Jade Times
Sept. 4 – “Khovpoob – the more, the better.” The Jade Times
Sept. 30 – “Jen Tsai received the Academic Excellence Award.” The Jade Times
Sept. 30 – “Katie “Ruby” Chan awarded Sister of the Year.” The Jade Times
Oct. 1 – “Romance picnics.” Athens Food and Culture Magazine*
Oct. 3 – “Steve Moua: a Hmong star among us.” HmongEmpire.com
Oct. 7 – “OWS eager to mobilize in Athens.” UPIU.com
Nov. 1 – “Hodgson’s Pharmacy: A Tradition Continues.” Athens Food and Culture Magazine*
Nov. 1 – “Empowering sisters through non-hazing methods.” The Jade Times
Nov. 30 – “Attacking islamophobia through education.” infUSion magazine
Nov. 30 – “UGA  Alumnae coordinate participating in letter writing campaign.” The Jade Times

* May not be available digitally