Personal development in the time of COVID-19


When I reflect back on what I accomplished during the forced closures and shut downs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I have very valid reasons why I did not perfect my bread making skills, learn a new language, pick up a musical instrument, improve my physical health, or become cryptocurrency rich.

However, all across media, we saw reports of how people were able to utilize their free time to learn new skills, indulge in hobbies, explore themselves, and so much more. In its attempt to provide positive coverage of the social conditions, the media insisted that we were given the free time to do as we’ve always wanted. And although it is perfectly acceptable to have taken the time to just relax as well, I couldn’t help but want a slew of personal accomplishments for myself, too!

Better late than never, I set to make a change late last year.

I picked up an instrument: the recorder flute. It is affordable—low opportunity cost, portable—I can practice anywhere, and there are tons of instructions and free material available to keep me interested. Should I feel confident enough, perhaps I will share a song or two.

With the purchase of a Duolingo subscription, I’m on my way to learning (at the minimum) conversational Spanish; and German and Mandarin, too, if I have the mental capacity.

To improve my health, I became a vegetarian. I’ve been making it a point to do a weekly run, with added stretching and exercises during the week. Next week, I’ll be competing against the clock in my first 5K for the year.

On top of a full-time job, mom duty, and being a present spouse, I am already pooped! But more determined than ever to keep it up, all the while wondering how I am going to keep all of those 2022 new years resolutions we just set last month. 

Did you have any accomplishments during the pandemic?