What’s up?

This semester is my last semester as an undergraduate. Although I’m excited that I will be able to join my other friends in the “real world” soon, I’m more excited to be finished with school work. I hope that actual work is more fulfilling.

While it is my last semester, I have been trying to get as many experiences in as possible. I started a new internship and I am becoming more ambitious with writing—I’ve been taking on more assignments. I do enjoy the creative freedom that these opportunities have given me, but I can’t help but to wonder if I’m doing enough, or if I’m doing the right things.

With my new internship, I’ve been learning more about social media blasts. To be honest, I use to think that social media was a no-brainer, but after this initial experience, social media can take a lot of time!

Despite all that I want to do before I graduate, my grades are also important. I find it harder to study now—maybe it is the senioritis coming through. What is priority is that I actually graduate this fall.

While my days are busy and it seems my list of things to do only gets longer, I’m happy that things are progressing well.