What’s up: an update


The other night I had a nightmare in which I was unable to form an essay and articulate it in class. I was so disappointed in myself and began to blame the teacher for not giving me enough time to put together a sound and reasonable argument. When I awoke, I realized that I had actually neglected my dreams of being a creative being and writer to no one’s fault but my own.

In particular, I have also neglected this website… for a year and counting! I came to a crossroads wherein I didn’t know how to continue this website and so, I just kind of stopped.

In 2015, I found myself working for a growing and beautiful Spanish resort company; however as much as I enjoyed the opportunity, I needed to leave the position to focus on my small family. Even during the transition from working and constantly being on the move to becoming (mostly) settled and focusing on home life, I still felt an eagerness to learn, discover and be part of something bigger.

Luckily I found enough inspiration to challenge myself through illustration and have been drawing almost everyday since. I picked up my tumblr account and started posting bits of my illustration at chamomile notes.tumblr.com. If you should view them, please leave comments.

As we are moving into 2016, I intend to start writing more, and more often, and I would also like to continue illustration. My hope is to be able to keep this website updated more regularly.

On to 2016… *cheers*

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